Corn Tassel Earrings

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In Navajo culture, corn is revered as both a food source and sacred part of certain ceremonies. The Corn Tassel Earrings beautifully portray a staple of Navajo and Native American communities that also symbolizes human growth.

On a field of blue mother-of-pearl, a mighty cornstalk grows from a fertile field and is crowned with a golden tassel. Ripe ears of corn are ready for harvest, nourishing the community for another year and reminding you of your own growth. What seeds have you planted? What are you growing from, and what do you want to grow into?

The reverse of the Corn Tassel Earrings features an embossed design that combines symbols for mountains and rain (the OXDX signature pattern), combining the landscape of home with both the corn and rain that give life.

18k gold-plated stainless steel polished to a high-shine finish. Drop-style earrings with gold-plated French hooks. Mother-of-pearl inlay; each earring is unique.

Approximately 2.25” length x 2.75” hang length x .75” width / 5.71 cm length x 6.98 cm hang length x 1.09 cm width

Ships in 3-7 days.