New Phase Throw Blanket

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OXDX’s second in Eighth Generation's Gold Label series of full-sized blankets, New Phase is a story of transition. In our wool throw blanket, the tradition of Navajo chief blankets is continued while adding new layers of meaning. The New Phase Wool Throw Blanket is a tribute to people beginning or finishing a new phase of life. In the first phase of the design, elements of traditional Navajo rug weaving, including straight lines and blocks of customary colors in black, brown, and off-white, are incorporated. From there, we added patterns in the center of the blanket to be reflected in the four corners, as well as included a cross pattern: these signify the four directions and the four sacred mountains in the Diné culture. Finally, intricate patterns and fine details are added, which enhance the traditional design. 

Chief blanket patterns are unique in that the designs are constant when folding each corner of the blanket to the center. The side-step patterns in the design tell a story similar to that of a Navajo wedding basket: these steps often symbolize mountains, or the ups and downs of life, and how both of those create a journey.

Made in the Eighth Generation studio in Seattle, Washington.

Fabric Content: 100% Merino wool.

Blanket size: 59 in x 60in / 149.86 cm x 152.4 cm.

Product Care: Spot clean only. If needed, please hand wash and air dry. Hang dry away from direct sunlight. Clean liquid stains immediately with warm water and mild detergent. Never use harsh chemicals or scrub wool. Steam to de-wrinkle. Store blanket away from direct sunlight.