PROTECT - The Hundreds X OXDX Collab Tee (White)

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PROTECT is a tribute to Amanda Blackhorse. Amanda is a Diné activist, journalist, and social worker who’s track record includes going head-to-head with Pro Football Inc, aka the Washington R-words, and recently a win against costume giants, Yandy, in a fight to remove native themed costumes. Amanda heads the #NotAMascot campaign as well as raising her family. When the topic of resistance, frontline movements, and change making arises, Amanda is the person I think of. Amanda is wearing the OXDX “Tribute” wool blanket OXDX designed in collaboration with native owned company Eighth Generation. This blanket uses designs commonly woven by Jared’s grandmothers who were both Diné weavers.

Printed on Men's 100% cotton tee. This is a heavier cotton tee, different from other OXDX tees, you should expect the fit to be longer and boxier.