About OxDx

OXDX Clothing is a Native American owned business based out of Tempe, Arizona.
Owner, designer, and artist Jared Yazzie (Diné - Navajo) has been producing artwork since 2009 to increase awareness of Native issues and to show the beauty of Native culture.
"OXDX" is an abbreviation of the word "Overdose", a word Yazzie uses to describe the state of modern society. Sometimes we need to pull back and remember our culture, tradition, and those who have sacrificed before us. 
Artist/Owner Jared Yazzie is Diné and originally from Holbrook, Arizona. Jared started OXDX from his dorm room at the U of A in Tucson. After leaving the UA Jared started his journey as an artist selling tees from the trunk of his car at powwow's, art events, and flea markets. Jared freelanced as a self taught graphic artist and later found a passion for print making. After working in the screen printing business for three years, Yazzie decided to pursue his business full time. Jared has since been featured in articles from Salon, WWD, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Refinery 29, Huffington Post, Paper Mag, and Colorlines. 
Jared likes punk shows, penguins, and speaking intently about Native issues in any setting. 
OXDX Team Members
Shaina Yazzie (Operations Manager)
Shaina Yazzie joined the OXDX team in April of 2016. Shaina is Diné from Greasewood Springs, AZ and manages our day to day operations, assists in book keeping, director in special projects, head of communications to the OXDX office, and is the right hand personal assistant to artist Jared Yazzie. 
Fun fact: Shaina and Jared have been friends since 6th grade. Shaina likes mermaids, cats, Disney, and nerding out on anything Marvel and Star Wars.
Hannah Manuelito (Brand Marketing Assistant)
Hannah Manuelito joined the OXDX team in August of 2017. Hannah is Diné, originally from Ganado, AZ and is our in-house photographer, makeup artist, social media content creator, and special projects coordinator. Hannah is an ASU graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. 
Hannah has an amazing eye for creating beautiful photos, a low-key obsession with everything make up - likes penguins, perfect natural lighting, and is a sucker for the band My Chemical Romance.